OSM Power Staffing

As many industries across the globe are currently facing an unprecedented financial challenge, and numerous people have been suspended or temporarily laid off, certain businesses are now experiencing a solid increase in the demand for competent personnel.

With a firm commitment to positively contribute in the collective efforts in battling the economic impacts of the corona virus pandemic and with the philosophy “it’s all about people”, OSM Power Staffing is linking talents who temporarily are finding themselves available in the labor market to companies in an extraordinary need for increased staffing capacities.

Your trusted provider of flexible workforce solutions and high-quality personnel in extraordinary times!

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Our services

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We offer flexible staffing solutions to a wide variety of companies in industries, including but not limited to:

• Health
• Logistic and Transportation
• Retail Industry
• Human Resources
• Administrative Support
• Information Technology

With offices in 19 countries world-wide and access to more than 130.000 talents from a variety of experiences and expertise, OSM Power Staffing is the ideal staffing firm for diverse companies, large and small.

Whether you need a temporary employee, a full-time role, or a contracted consultant, OSM Power Staffing can help and is at your service.

OSM Power Staffing is part of the OSM Group, which is an established provider of staff with extensive background and experience of providing services across a multitude of countries professionally.

OSM Power Staffing has proven to successfully merge classic recruitment methods with innovative workforce solutions. We bring a wealth of industry expertise to offer qualitative and efficient value-added solutions to our staff and our clients.